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Crime Dramas

Crime Drama Discussion
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Are you fascinated by what is ripped from the headlines as a product of hot police brutality and inflated into drama? Do you want to know about the interpersonal intrigues of the courtroom? Do you starve for this shit every day and search for TNT or USA marathons of your favorite gavel-banging, badge-flashing, corpse-exploring shows? Well, this community is dedicated to the discussion and analysis of various television crime dramas. While our focus is on American shows that are currently airing, conversation about dramatic crime-oriented programs from outside the U.S. and those that are no longer on the air is permissible. We encourage all intelligent discussion about plotlines, characters, ethical questions and moral dilemmas - that is, the facets that make these dramas more addictive than heroin.


1. This is not a shipping community. While we do not personally care if you mention the fact that you want two characters to become romantically or sexually involved, please refrain from making that aspect the sole purpose of your post.

2. No fanfic. There are other, more specialized communities which serve that function.

3. If you would like to post icons, please feel free. However, this is not an icon-focused community. We doubt this will prove to be a problem.

4. Obviously, do not flame. As many of these dramas touch on hot-button issues, sensitive subject matter will be discussed in this community. Keep your posts and comments restricted to analysis and debate, and refrain from attacks and name-calling.

5. This community is restricted to the discussion of dramas or shows with dramatic elements. Sorry, no comedies or reality television, much as we would like to hear what you have to say about Animal Cops.

6. Any and all spoilers for future episodes must be placed behind a cut tag. If the show has aired on the West Coast of the U.S., it's fair game to discuss without cuts. We do not really like people who want their ass kissed because of a TiVo malfunction. If you are paranoid about the details of an episode you haven't seen, skip the damn post, you pansy. Same goes for previews for forthcoming episodes. Don't make Stabler bust a cap in your ass for not thinking of his children your personal failings.

7. If you think that a topic or show is appropriate for discussion here, chances are it probably is. We're open to almost any discussion that pertains to crime dramas. Go ahead and post. Just for the love of all that is holy do not discuss naked Daniel Radcliffe.

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